Twin Weego Baby carrier

The Weego TWIN is the first baby carrier for twins. It gives you the possibility to carry both babies together on your front and is intended for use particularly in the first few months. This not only enables you to give both babies a lot of closeness and physical contact but also facilitates many situations (shopping, going for walks) without having to take a big twin-stroller along.

The Weego Twin can be used from birth on - starting at a weight of the babies of 3 lbs (1.600g) each. This allows the use of the Weego TWIN also with premature babies. Depending on the weight and size of the babies, it can be used until the twins are approximately 5 - 6 months old.

Like the original Weego, the Weego TWIN comes with the special double pouch system which ensures the orthopedically correct posture of your babies. It easily adjusts for growing babies and for fitting different people carrying them.

The Weego TWIN is made of navy light cotton twill with blue and green plaid lining. It is machine washable at 30°C (92°F) and can be tumble dried at low temperature.


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