BOB Revolution PRO Duallie Pram Review

For the last few weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of test driving the BOB Revolution PRO Duallie made by Britax and let me assure you this pram is the perfect all-rounder. It’s fantastic for your general activities and an outstanding jogging pram. As a mum of a pre-schooler and 14 month old twin toddlers I consider my pram an extension of myself. It is my absolute essential baby item which I don’t leave the house without which is why I will only ever recommend prams or strollers which I truly love myself.

After removing my new BOB Revolution PRO Duallie from the box I eagerly set out to assemble it, to my delight it was very simple and uncomplicated with clear instructions and very few parts. It is on the larger side of prams, considerably higher than the previous double prams I had used and a fraction wider across the wheels. The design is edgy, sporty and modern with serious presence and I could not wait to take it for a run the following morning.

Loading the girls in the pram was easy with a fuss free harness. The seats even have extra padding for comfort. From the moment I set out to walk my pre-schooler to Kindy I was instantly impressed with the ease and lightness that came with pushing it. Once we had dropped her off I reclined the seats back so the girls could nap, locked the front wheel to stop it from swivelling and set off for my morning jog. WOW, I was impressed from the get go. Pushing the BOB Revolution PRO Duallie whilst jogging was almost effortless. Steering was a breeze, it was incredibly smooth, agile and light. I was easily able to run whilst steering with one hand, only having to place both hands on whilst travelling up hill. The girls slept beautifully and I had a great workout. Well done Britax you have out done yourself here, PRO by name PRO by nature!

• Easy to assemble with wheels that can be taken on and off effortlessly - I managed to do it without any assistance and it only took about fifteen minutes.
• Extra padded seats allowing for the kids to ride in comfort.
• Large individual sun hoods, each with large viewing windows which can be adjusted to 3 different positions depending on your preference and the weather.
• 5-point safety harnesses which are super easy to secure and release, they even have little rings attached to hang toys off.
• Plenty of storage including a large basket at the bottom of the pram, pockets at the back of each seat - perfect for keys, phone and a purse as well as small mesh pockets at the side of each seat where the kids can put snacks, toys or even a drink.
• The foot brake is fantastic! I have tested it with both shoes on and bare feet and I am pleased to say it can be applied and taken off effortlessly and pain free!! (TIP: For new parents always test your foot brake before purchasing).
• Drum hand brake located on the handle providing extra braking assistance when going down steep hills or when you need to slow down quickly when travelling at speed – At first glance I thought this was a bit of a gimmick however I’ve actually found it really handy. I didn’t realise how much I braced and skidded along to stop the pram previously.
• Adjustable handle to cater for different heights and a wrist strap for added security.
• Swivel front wheel with the option of locking it in to place making running much easier and steady with tracking adjustments knobs which allows you to find your individual preference to keep the stroller straight whilst running.
• Fantastic suspension making both walking and running effortless as it bounces freely whilst at the same time allowing the children to travel in comfort no matter the terrain.
• Great accessory options which can be purchased separately including snack trays, sun shield, rain shield and a fleece seat liner.
• Easy two-part fold system, which really is effortless. It can be made smaller for storage, just remove the front wheel.
• Despite being a physically heavy pram due to its size, whilst in motion it is incredibly light and agile to steer.

• It does not cater for newborn twins. The seats do not to hold newborns until after eight weeks of age and unfortunately, at this stage the BOB Revolution PRO Duallie can only cater for one capsule or bassinet as the adaptor that holds them has a toddler snack tray that sits across the front of the other seat. This is an obvious issue for expecting twin parents and one that needs to be considered before purchasing for newborns.
• The seats do not fully recline – this is due to the fact that sometimes seats that are fully reclined do not meet the ‘Stability’ requirements of Australian Standards which can cause the stroller to tip over. Who am I to argue - Britax is the home of the renowned ‘safe n sound’ brand, they pride themselfves on safety first.
• It is on the larger scale of side by side twin prams and whilst the fold system is very simple it is quite awkward to lift and requires some strength. The way I see it though, this unfortunately comes part and parcel with a good double pram.

In summary the BOB Revolution Duallie is a class performer and I would highly recommend it to any parents especially those who enjoy running or walking off the beaten track with twins or children closely aged. Britax have really covered all bases with the design and functionality. It is the perfect all-rounder. The only issue I found with it, is not being able to use it from birth with infant twins which I hope is something Britax will look at rectifying as I would hate for expecting twin parents to have to settle for a different pram. In my opinion there is no comparison that I have found that runs as easily and as smoothly as the BOB Revolution Duallie does. I wish I had found it earlier!

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