Little Chomps Messy Meal time Smock Review

Cut out the stress at meal times!

The 'Messy Mealtime Smocks' from Little Chomps are high in the list of Things for Twins top 10 essential baby items, especially with multiples. Whether you are at the beginning of the solids journey with your kids or at the point where you are introducing self held utensils and art and craft play the Little Chomps smocks are a must have product to help save you washing, cleaning and most importantly your sanity. 

What do we love about Little Chomps smocks?

  • Adjustable size neck and cuffs for growing babies
  • Extra length protects the entire outfit as well as the high chair harness
  • Versatile - can be used for arts and craft as well as eating!
  • Super easy to clean and quick drying
  • Secure press studs to outwit the best bib remover
  • Gorgeous colours!

The nitty gritty...

Harry - 6 months old
Starting solids is a messy exercise. Harry is a hands on kind of guy - in his mouth, spoon basically he likes to get involved. The smock was perfect for us...

No need to change his clothes after the meal!! To date I have rarely given Harry a meal where I haven't had to change his clothes after. I popped the smock over Harry's high chair straps so I didn't have to wipe them either - another bonus!

Adjustable size back and neck
Harry is an expert and diligent bib remover - the adjustable sized neck and back buttons meant Harry was unable to remove his bib! The neck adjustment also meant that when Harry decided to practice blowing bubbles with a mouth full of food or water the contents were caught by the smock. The extra length was also a bonus for messy hands!

Lastly the cleaning was a breeze - I simply ran the smock under water and gave it a quick wipe with a cloth and hung it on the line to dry ready for dinner!

Jade xx

Ava & Riley - 21 months

We are well and truly entrenched in solids and have recently started giving the girls their own cutlery to use. The problem with introducing the utensils means that they rarely let us feed them at all these days making it feel like we are back to square one with the outfit changes after every meal!

The Messy Mealtime Smocks from Little Chomps couldn't have come at a better time. I can now comfortably give them their messy bowl of pasta or milky cereal and know that nothing will dirty their clothes as the Little Chomps smocks offer full coverage down their torso, legs and arms meaning we only need to wipe down their face and hands.

Things for Twins have the ultimate solution with the combination of the My Messy Mealtime smocks and Mumma's Little Helpers food catchers. Together they cut the clean up time in half and make life so much easier!

Mikala xx

Head over to their website to purchase: 

Feeding Smocks - The original Little Chomps Messy Mealtime Smock Bib

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