Cart-A-Lot off road buggy - Life changing!

The Active fold-able buggy from Cart-A-Lot is a must have item for all families, especially those with multiples! This stylish, compact and versatile fold-able cart can hold up to 70 kilograms, easy to maneuvre and can fold up and down in a swift movement. It's net weight is only 10 kg and folds nice and compact, easily fitting in to the boot of your car and more importantly it gives its owners, mums, dads and grandparents etc free hands.

We recently went on our annual holiday to the beautiful Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW. The beach is picturesque with white sand and crystal blue waters however to get to it can be tricky with numerous kids and a truck load of beach gear. Its not a beach that you can take a pram on as there is a long sandy track leading down to the water. Last year my husband would make numerous trips back and forth bringing everything down. Not this year - thanks to our off road buggy from Cart-A-Lot we were able to get there and back in one trip!


It's all terrain wheels allows it to maneuvre easily over grass, up and down gutters and through sand. It required a little bit of muscle whilst pulling it through the softer sand when its weighed down with toddlers but was still manageable. I can now leave my pram at home when attending picnics, Saturday sport or the beach. I just load Ava and Riley in to the cart a long with everything else I'm taking and off we go.


The cart has endless uses for people of all ages.

*Grocery Shopping

*Carting groceries from cars to apartments when there is a lift available.




*school activities

* Small businesses such as fitness instructors, child care centres or anything that requires moving around numerous items.

Available in Hot Pink, Navy, Red and Grey this is another item that goes in my top 10 list of things for families of multiples.

 AFTERPAY available - shop now pay later.

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