Australian Things for Twins double swim float

The Things for Twins double swim float allows all parents to enjoy a swim with their twins whether that be on their own or together. One parent can supervise the children in the double float whilst the other can play with and supervise any other siblings. The float can be used both in the ocean and or swimming pools.

The float is suitable for use from when babies can support their heads unassisted up until about three years old. The great thing about it is it stays perfectly balanced if one seat is unoccupied or if there are children of differing weights and ages in there, no matter the weight.

It was a godsend when my girls were babies. I remember lending it to a girlfriend who was going on holidays with her twin babies and felt lost without it when we went to go for a swim. We were each restricted as we were both holding a baby and there was no one left to concentrate on our toddler who was jumping madly in and out of the pool.

An essential item for all families with multiples who enjoy the pool!

Enjoy splashing about.

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