Mumma's Little Helpers Food Catcher Review

The are a few products I would rate as essential for families of (young) multiples and these food catchers are DEFINITELY in my top 5!

I first saw an ad for Mumma's Helpers Food Catchers on Facebook well before our twin girls were born and remember thinking they were a great idea. I thought back over the time our eldest daughter had began eating solids and how messy it was. However, the mess our twin girls make whilst eating is like nothing I had ever imagined. The floor underneath and around their high chairs after every meal resemble a Pro Hart Original. 

I am neither pro or against baby led weaning however it  turned out to be the road we are travelling for Ava and Riley. With limited time on my hands to constantly steam and mush food I found myself giving them most things our 3 year old was eating, just smaller and peeled. At 12 months old they now refuse mush and like to feed 'EVERYTHING' to themselves - I feel like I need to put a 'oh my god, kill me now face' emoji after this sentence.

After months of getting down on our hands and knees, sweeping up, picking up, wiping up and mopping up we finally invested in two Mummas little helpers high chair catchers to combat these tedious tasks. OMG words cannot explain - big smiley grin emoji - they are truly amazing and fit perfectly to their name. They are definitely Mummas (I would probably use the word 'big' instead of 'little' here, Helpers.

They are a simple yet clever design that simply stick with Velcro to the back and front of your high chair and hook around each leg. There is a large lip area that hangs at the front which catches anything pushed over the front of the tray and wings either side. There is plenty of leg room allowing for toddlers to still use. At the end of each meal simply take the kids out, wipe everything in to the catcher and then scoop it out with a bowl. SO EASY! 

The amazing creator Lyndsey has given Things for Twins an extra special offer where by if our customers by two or more catchers they will be given the adapters to join them together free of charge. 

Seriously mumma's, these little beauties are worth every cent and some! 

Head over to their website to purchase!

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