Grocery shopping with your multiples - Get in and get out!

Grocery shopping on any given day can be a drag - shopping with kids can be a total misery, made even worse with multiples. I find that planning and timing make for an easier experience, here are some tips that work for me.

It doesn't have to be all bad, I find if I have to take the kids shopping, timing when I go can make a huge difference. After they have just woken from their afternoon nap works best with my girls as they are refreshed, happy and a little bit peckish. I make sure I am ready to go the moment they wake up, this includes being armed with a shopping list so I'm not roaming around aimlessly once there.

I always like to use my twin trolley liner (which can also be used with one child) when shopping as I know it means the girls are protected from any nasty germs on the trolley handle, particularly if they are eating food. Our gorgeous twin trolley covers are the perfect ball sized package that fits right in with my reusable shopping bags which I always keep in the boot. It also makes for a comfier ride.

Once they are strapped in I hand them their water bottle and a little container of snacks.(crackers, sultanas, dried apricots, dried cereal, sandwich) and we always stop at the Free fruit for kids stand  - a fantastic initiative by Woolworths, encouraging children to select their own fruit whilst having a healthy snack and using fruit that otherwise would have been thrown out. 

I then power around whilst attempting to politely avoid all the 'Are they twins?' questions. My main motto with shopping is GET IN AND GET OUT!

Happy Shopping,

Mikala xxoo

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