"There are two in there"

On the morning of finding out I was pregnant with our second baby, my husband Ben and I were ecstatic. Our family was expanding and our 2 year old Maddison, was going to have a little brother or sister. Ben began making us scrambled eggs for brekky - life goes on with a toddler! When he calls me over and shows me that he had cracked a double yolker egg. "Ha, imagine we were having twins" he joked. Over the next few weeks I had 6 more eggs cracked in my presence that resulted in double yolkers. This even to me sounds unbelievable but I swear on everything I own and dearly love that it is the absolute truth. The day before I went for our 12 week scan a colleague at work cracked three double yolkers in a row in front of my eyes! I thought nothing of it as I had an 8 week dating scan which showed one perfectly healthy baby inside of me. 

At our 12 week scan Ben and I sat eagerly awaiting for the ultrasound screen come to life as the sonographer started scanning my growing belly. She stopped early into it and looked at us cautiously. "Have you had any scans before today?" she asked. "Ummmm yes, we had a dating scan" I answer nervously. Naturally thinking the worst. "Did the Dr say anything to you about this pregnancy" "No" I answer. Picking up on my anxiety she quickly interrupts before I can say anything else and says "There is definitely two in there, but let me just make sure there aren't any more!"  

WOW, that is certainly one moment in my life that will stay with me forever. I shot up in my bed and shouted "Bullshit" Ben didn’t say anything, he was just laughing and shaking his head. As I lowered back down and she proceeded to scan my belly the screen certainly did come to life, just a little more than we had expected. Two, thank god. Cudos to those out there with triplets or more! 

After the scan we met with the genetic counselor who proceeded to tell us that everything was normal with BOTH babies, she explained that they each had their own sac and own placenta making the TWIN pregnancy relatively low risk. 

I was excited and terrified at the same time. We went for lunch after our scan and Ben and I stared at each other barely saying anything, shaking our heads with big silly grins on our faces. I was clutching our grainy ultrasound photo showing the two tiny babies growing inside of me. Over the next 6 months my husband and I began searching anything and everything on twins and joined our local multiple birth association. One thing we did learn was that most people find multiples intriguing and those already with multiples kindly reached out offering their VERY WELCOMED tips and tricks. 

Believe it or not I have not seen a double yolk since the day before finding out we were having twins. WEIRD! 

 Mikala xxoo

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