Wipable Food Catchers - Extra Large

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This EXTRA clever design by Mumma's Little Helpers make meal times with your little ones easier. Strategically located velcro straps are away from little fingers, there is a large catchment area allowing room for legs so the food doesn’t drop and SPLAT onto the floor.

It’s easy to remove when its time to clean up. Just take your little one out and wipe all the food off the seat and tray into the catcher. Either take the catcher off the chair and tip the food into the bin or get a small bowl and scoop the food out of the catcher while it is still attached, leave it attached until it's time to throw in the wash or wipe down. It is really that easy.

  • Waterproof
  • Fits ANY 4 legged high chair
  • Attaches to both high chair tray and under the family dining table
  • Easy to attach and remove for cleaning
  • Scoop food out at the end of the meal, wipe down. Job finished

If you are purchasing two or more for your multiples, please specify in the comments section at checkout so we can send you the adapters to hold your catchers together. 

For international orders (outside Australia) please order through the category 'Food Catchers - Wipable (International Orders)' 

The packaging is a great waterproof bag so no plastic packaging is added to landfill and can be used to carry nappies, water bottles, snacks and anything else you think of. 

*Things for Twins is an authorised seller of Mummas Little Helpers Food Catchers (tm)