SRC Pregnancy Leggings

by SRC

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Help ease the natural strains of pregnancy and support your body. SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings help to improve mobility during pregnancy and mothers rave about how much better they feel when wearing them!

SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings are made from our patented medical grade compression fabric, which supports the body, increases circulation to the muscles and eases pain. Comprised of dedicated Anatomical Support Panels (ASP), the medical compression panels target the area’s most in need of support during pregnancy.

  • Under the bump – triple thickness medical compression panel that helps to support the weight of the growing baby and ease sacroiliac joint (lower back) pain or pelvic girdle pain.
  • Pelvic floor panel – used to support and help to strengthen the pelvic floor. Helps ease the pressure caused by the weight of the baby bearing down on the pelvic floor.
  • Leg panel – great for varicose veins, swelling of the lower leg and sciatica pain.
Unlike shapewear, splints or belts which can deactivate the core muscles, or be uncomfortable to wear because of slipping on the body, SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings work with the body to help improve muscle and joint support and help ease pain during motion. The fabric is comfortable to wear, breathable and helps to take moisture away from the skin.

    During pregnancy, your body is releasing a hormone called Relaxin, which loosens the joints in preparation for birth. This can cause extra movement in the pelvis, which results in pelvic girdle or sacroiliac joint pain. You can wear the SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings from 12 weeks onwards and some women wear them 24/7 to relieve pain during sleep. The SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings are also ideal to support your body during exercise. The SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings are recommended by doctors, physical therapists and nurses and we are backed by clinical research.

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