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Cheeky Milestone Cards

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These cards are not Twin or Triplet specific but perfect for those times when you just have to laugh!

30 cards printed on 300GSM silk cardstock with rounded edges so they are safer for bubs to hold. Each card is A6 in size (10 x 14.5 cm).

This set of includes:

In a milk coma
Last night I woke up. Every. Single. Hour.
Today I threw up on Daddy
Today I threw up on Mummy. Again.
Projectile vomit
I did an explosive poo
Today I rolled off the bed
Today I peed on Mummy
Today I peed on Daddy
I wouldn't let Mum put me down all day
Nap hair, don't care
Pooed in the bath
Just found my genitals
I decided I don't like my car seat
Daddy dressed me today
Today I fed myself for the first time
Today I got my first bump on the head
Today I had a public meltdown
Today I decorated the walls
Food tastes better off the floor
I refused to wear clothes today
Today I ate something I shouldn't have
I decided I don't like Mummy's cooking
I climbed out of my cot
I took my nappy off on my own
The toilet is my new favourite toy
My favourite word is NO
Today I said my first swear word
Today I dressed myself
I officially start my terrible twos

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