Twin Z Waterproof Feeding Pillow

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The only twin pillow you need to breast and/or bottle feed your twins. The Twin z is incomparable to any other twin feeding pillow on the market. 

Designed by a Mum of twins for families with twins - this fabulous pillow is a must have!

  • Designed for breastfeeding and bottle feeding your babies
  • Innovative design allows for breastfeeding even if you are recovering from a c-section
  • The built-in back support ensures you maintain good posture while feeding your babies
  • Allows for twin tummy time
  • Support - like second pair of hands
  • Reflux - sitting up after eating and feeding can help aid with tummy acids after eating

* No cover is required for the waterproof pillow, however, can be added

For all orders outside metropolitan areas please allow 10 working days for delivery.

How to use:

Place the middle leg of the Twin Z Pillow behind your back, wrap the two ends around and buckle them in front. Adjust the buckle as needed. The middle leg provides a firm back support. The back can rest on a bed or couch to provide maximum support. The sides have a large, firm, slanted surface area to feed your twins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Twin Z Pillow?
The Twin Z Pillow’s outside dimensions are approximately 91cm x 61cm x 5cm. 
What is the weight of the Twin Z Pillow?
The Twin Z Pillow weighs approximately 2.5kgs.  
What is the Twin Z Pillow made of?
The Twin Z Pillow is made of a 100% cotton shell and stuffed with a polyester fiberfill. The covers are made from a super soft polyester fabric. 
Can you wash the Twin Z Pillow?
We recommend that the pillow itself be spot cleaned with a damp soapy cloth. The covers can be machine washed and dried in any cycle. 
Are any chemicals such as flame retardants added to the pillow?
No. Chemicals, including flame retardants, are not added to the pillows. 
The Twin Z Pillow is only one size, how do I know it will fit me properly?
The Twin Z Pillow has an adjustable strap for the buckle and will comfortably fit up to a 132cm waist.