SIDS and Kids Aussie Wipes

SIDS and Kids Aussie Wipes

Life with a little one is messy. The mess from multiples can be diabolical. At least double the bums, noses and mouths to clean. Tick those off your list, the high chairs, change tables and floors remain. Whilst we can't help with cleaning itself, we can equip you with the tools you need to ease the process. Things for Twins proudly offers you the SIDS and Kids Aussie Wipe range of superior Australian made products for the whole family. Why not buy in bulk to save the constant trips to the shops.

Aussie Wipes have been making high quality health and hygiene products since 2003. 

Aussie wipes are designed to make your life simpler and easier with a range that includes baby wipes and household wipes that can be delivered direct to your door in bulk packs for your convenience.

Aussie Wipes is proudly 100% Australian owned, manufacturing quality products to an exceptional standard for Aussie families right here in Australia.

Aussie wipes believe in sustainable forestry for the long term healthy future of our planet which is why our SIDS Red Nose Baby wipes are
FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. In fact these baby wipes are the only Australian made baby wipes to achieve FSC® certification.

5% of all sales of SIDS Kids Red Nose wipes goes towards SIDS and Kids.