Twin Z Pillow Review

Twin Z Pillow Review

The Twin Z Pillow is multi functional and a must have item for all expecting or new twin families. It can be used as as pregnancy pillow, for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, twin tummy time or as a propping aid for babies with reflux or who are learning to sit.

We are so excited to be the first business in Australia to launch the versatile Twin Z Pillow. We had a fellow twin mum, Amber provide us with her thoughts on it.


I purchased the Twin Z Pillow for my twins hoping it would help with tandem breast feeding, it was fantastic on the bed and sitting in my large chair whilst feeding my girls. It was firm enough that the girls didn't sink down in to it and high enough that I didn't have to lean forward awkwardly to feed. The rear back support added comfort and encouraged me to sit back in to it assisting my posture and helping me to relax.
Breast feeding didn't work out for us but it sure has come in handy - Tandem bottle feeding, tummy time, somewhere to pop them down to have a play or so I can have a shower. I take it to friends or families houses to put them in, it was even great for naps if they were unsettled. I have no doubt that my girls will continue to use it well in to toddler hood, to have their bottles and to snuggle in to whilst watching their favourite show.
If I had my time again I would not hesitate in buying another one, I cannot fault it. Hands down one of the greatest purchases for my twins ever! 5 stars.
Amber, Victoria, Australia.



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