My Friend is Having TWINS! What Do I Do For The Baby Shower?

My Friend is Having TWINS! What Do I Do For The Baby Shower?

Baby showers can be heartening or harrowing, depending on how they’re organised. When parents are expecting twins, the pressure and pleasure are potentially double! This post explores ideas to help you contribute to a modern twins baby shower, whether you’re organising, attending or just looking for a gift.

Fun & Games

A baby shower floats or sinks by the quality of its activities. A never ending sequence of adorable guessing games may seem like a good idea in the planning stage, but can be tricky to manage once lots of people are involved on the day, quickly turning tedious. The best baby shower activity ideas naturally include everyone at once (like baby bingo) or have no fixed time frame (like decorating white onesies).

For twins: you can have fun with practical activities, such as a race to change two nappies at once (some people may have fun trying to do one with each hand). Or how about folding a sheet without putting down two baby dolls?

TIP: make sure every activity has enough pens, paper or other supplies needed for everyone to have a go at once. Have a bell, whistle or other attention-getting device to make the rules clearly heard, and give things out quickly. Sharing and waiting for pens, spending ages handing things out, or not making game rules clear for your guests will kill their enjoyment of the event.

Twin Gifts — to match, or not to match?

A safe baby shower gift choice is usually clothes. And of course for twins, you should always give two sets. But with many mums now moving away from the ‘Tweedle-Dee-and-Tweedle-Dum’ approach to dressing their twins (they are individuals, after all), a trend is giving clothes that aren’t identical but match in colour or style. This is also a handy way for friends and grandparents to tell the babies apart if they are identical!

TIP: twins are likely to be born early and smaller than the average bub, so go for size 00 or 000 if you want them to wear them when they’re several months to 1 year. If you’re keen on newborn outfits, go for 0000 or even 00000 for twins. Cotton onesies are best for the first year.

Gender Divide

If the gender of the twins is unknown (or un-announced), or perhaps there is one boy and one girl, there are a few tricks beyond the traditional “give yellow” approach.

  • For decorations: Designs with cherubs or animals neatly avoid the topic of gender. A neutral base of white, stone or cream with colour highlights such as polka dots is cute. For something humourous, try decorations with Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat.

  • For gifts: Story books for twins are a gorgeous gender neutral gift that babies and parents will love reading together. Baby toys are another great neutral gift as they are typically ungendered and black-and-white or multi-coloured. Go for soft material with a crunchy, crackly section. Babies will play with it for… minutes… but that’s often enough for mum to catch a quick bite! 

Practical GiftsThat Mum and Dad Will Love

  • The Twin Z Pillow can be used for both bottle and breastfeeding making it versatile and long lasting. It also provides a safe space when babies are learning to sit.
  • Gorgeous stylish and colour co-ordinated cot sheets, pram liners and other essential nursery items. Check out our favourite. Beautiful products by Bambella Designs
  • Things for Twins has a fantastic range of feeding products to make meal times with multiples easier. Having one baby creates more laundry than you would ever imagine. Keeping twin babies clean will save mum and dad lots of extra work. They will thank you for it!
  • Twin milestones cards to document their development.
  • The Things for Twins double pool float helps make trips to the pool super easy for families.
  • Gift cards. Some people may feel like giving gift cards is not going to enough effort. But any mum who’s ever received a gift card allowing her to choose the right thing herself appreciates the opportunity.
  • Newborn photography session

Gifts Especially for Mum

Spoiling Mum instead of or as well as the baby is also a lovely idea, especially considering in the months to follow she will be putting all her time and energy in to her new babies.

  • A breastfeeding pack to assist in making her as comfortable as possibe, include in it, a leak proof water bottle that she can drink from with one hand, a lovely weat back a breast feeding shawl or cover and a big block of her favourite chocolate.
  • An inspirational item of clothing to help get her through those tougher days all mums have, especially those with multiples. Apart from coffee, nothing gives Mum a kick along like our 'You got this' Tee
  • A gorgeous scented candle and some thoughtful IOU's for when the babies arrive. Such as: A cooked meal, an hour or two of babysitting duties whilst mum gets a pedicure or simply sleeps, a day where you come to the house and get her washing done for her or vacuum, offer to look after older children to lighten the load at home.
Any help you can offer new parents of twins is just as important as all the lovely gifts.
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